Idaho boasts one of the lowest REALTOR to Citizen Ratios in the country –

Yes I said lowest.  Which means that for every 238 people, one is a licensed REALTOR(R).

That is simply amazing to me.

What amazes me is the number of people who 1) have their license, 2) are still getting their license and 3) pay annual fees just to retain their license 4) don’t do a single transaction in a year and still call themselves an agent 5) are disillusioning themselves into thinking they are in business for themselves 6) do this for a hobby . . .

I could go on and on.

State By State Ranking

Resource: NAR Research, Facebook (image is linked to the resource)

What does this mean for you, someone who believes this is a business and not a hobby?  It means you’ll have to be in the presence of more people, more often.  It means you’ll have to be aware of the value you bring, as an experienced agent vs. the non-value someone “just licensed” brings.  you’ll have to know your value and be able to passionately and accurately portray it to your customers and clients.

Are you “in real estate” as a business or as a hobby?  If you typically close less than 5-6 transactions a year, that’s a hobby.  Don’t kid yourself.

Want to change?  Want a business and not a hobby? Let’s make it happen. Call me today.  Christina @ 208.769.9464

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