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Why do brokers "burn bridges" with departing agents?

Why do they?

I mean, come on… why would you be a jerk to an agent that has chosen (for their own personal reasons) to leave your brokerage and go with another brokerage?

Wouldn’t it be in your best interest to retain a good working relationship with that agent?

Some say “Why?” – I say for at least 2 good business reasons.  “Your agents will be working with them on future transactions” and “You never know when something will change in their lives and/or business, or the life and/or business of the brokerage they are changing to” which means: don’t burn the bridge, they might want (or need) to return to your brokerage.

Perhaps the brokers that are jerks are the ones that know that they lost those agents because of simply being a jerk.

Who knows.  Thoughts to ponder…

Trash talking your agents – you never know who is listening

I was in a class the other day – there were also 3 other broker/owners (from 3 different firms) in that same class.

Overheard 1 broker/owner make a derogatory comment about one of their agents – a top producing agent – an agent who has an impeccable reputation both inside (and out) of the industry.


I was in shock.  Couldn’t believe that a broker/owner was opening their YAP about one of their agents where someone could hear – and – then I was all – “YES! Everything ISN’T all right in their world” (it happens to be an agent we would love to have at our firm, an agent we’ve been passively recruiting for a couple months now).

That Broker/Owner just gave me the “in” I needed with that agent.


The Brand Debate – is there really any question?

SKE Realty Group: The Brand Debate

How much does brand matter?  Will a national real estate brokerage brand help your business?  The truth comes from the consumer – in national survey’s and polls, brand does not matter.

As a real estate agent, don’t get caught up in believing that the consumer cares about your brokerage brand – they don’t.  They care about YOU.

Create your own brand.  Create your own business

Stop promising crap – start delivering value

Have you ever heard of the term “under promise and over deliver”?


Yeah, it’s that simple.

I see SO many agents & brokers “starting” real estate blogs – and they all start the same: putting up a post explaining what the blog is, what it’s going to have, questions they’ll answer, how often they’ll be doing the blog, etc.

They put forth an expectation of what they will be delivering (with no proof of delivery).

Give them a month.

Heck, give them a week.

They’ll fail the expectation they’ve tried to set for the consumer.

Not only that, no consumer gives a rats butt about what the person “says” they are going to do – the consumer cares only about what you’ve already done.

Stop promising crap – start delivering value.