Learn Something From Cher . . .

Cher is a part of our lives – like peanut butter.

Some love her (it), some don’t.  The thing is, she’s a part of our lives.  She’s cultivated an amazing career.  Enduring.

As Thomas Stanley says:

The number one factor that separates very successful people from just those in the merely successful category is creative intelligence.

So what is creative intelligence?  In another word, it’s vision.  Taking action on your vision.

Do you know what your vision is?

Do you have an uncontrollable desire to succeed?

As Darin Persinger says:

The secret to success is working harder than anyone smarter than you, and making sure you are smarter than anyone that is working harder than you.

How smart are you working? How hard are you working?  What are you working for?

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