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Don't get caught up in the "must implement new technology" hype AKA QR codes . . .

After NAR, everyone wants something to do with QR codes.  If you don’t know what they are, google it and find out and come back.


Now, apparently, QR codes were the hot must haves at NAR.  SO HOT that people had them on their business cards sans names, email, phone number.

Um, yeah.

SO HOT that people put them on their listing signs sans phone, IVR (text or call) or website.

OK then.

Let’s just ELIMINATE the ability for prospects to contact you in your sure fire hurry to be ‘head of the curve’ in implementation.

Not so bright. Not so intelligent. WAY behind the times.

See – making it easy and quick for prospects to contact you is AHEAD OF THE CURVE.  Keep it that way.

Don’t get caught up in new stuff that you forget the basics.  Without the basics, you don’t have a business.

New Agents – is that 'new agent training' you're getting really building your business?

A new agent of mine had an interesting interaction with a fellow ‘real estate school alumn’ recently. Our agent was asking this other agent (who chose a local – much larger – company mainly because they say they have a great agent training program, agent mentoring, weekly educational and motivation meetings, etc – all great reasons to pick a brokerage) how it was going.

The agent replied – well, nothing in the pipeline yet, but I’m out here, sitting another agents listing as an open house and I hope to pick up a buyer from it.  I’ve been taking the new agent classes.

Hum.  Our agent asked him if he was out ‘doing things’ in the market.  Like what, asked the other agent.  Well, how well do you know the market? Are you engaged in market activity every single day.  Is your mentor mentoring with you each day and teaching you the daily tasks you need to know to be successful in this market?  Have you been able to shadow a successful agent day after day to learn how things happen?

Well, no.  I have classes I go to, but all they’ve asked us to do is ‘gather our names’ (aka, sphere of influence), says the other agent.

Really?  Have they told you what to do with those names? That it’s more than just a nice little note saying “Hi, I’m in real estate, think of me if you are blah blah blah?”

No… there’s more?

They haven’t taught you what you have to do to grow that list and then gone out with you to do it? They haven’t helped you engage in the community networking events and taught you how to effectively network?  What about facebook, twitter, linkedin, blogging, youtube?

No, none of that.

Interesting. I’m so glad I chose the company I did.  I’m brand new and am getting my foundation set for a great real estate career.

Just a random conversation that shows that “educational talk” doesn’t build a real estate business.  Tasked Training does.

Give me a call today to learn more about our Tasked Training program: one-on-one mentoring for agents, helping them build the business of their dreams.

We don’t want anyone to be just one of the statistics*  we offer careers.


*80% of agents are out of the business in 18 months or less.  Of the remaining 20%, 80% of those are out of the business in 5 years or less.