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Multi-Taskers Have Lower IQ's Than Pot Smokers


It’s true.

Don’t believe me?  There’s even a study to prove it.

There is a great coffee mug that reads: “Multi-tasking, the best way to screw up both jobs.” Yet, many of us walk around with our chests out looking for a Foursquare badge for our multitasking promiscuity.
~ Erik Qualmann

Yes!  Who of you can relate to this?  “To be more successful means you are better at multi-tasking”.

Yeah . . NOT.

…the human mind cannot, in fact, multi-task without drastically reducing the quality of our processing. Brain activation for listening is cut in half if the person is trying to process visual input at the same time.”

“A study at The British Institute of Psychiatry showed that checking your email while performing another creative task decreases your IQ in the moment 10 points. That is the equivalent of not sleeping for 36 hours – more than twice the impact of smoking marijuana.”  ~ Josh Waitzkin

In short?  Turn off the computer, turn off the smart phone, give yourself to permission DAILY to get productive work done.

No, you do not need to answer your phone every time it rings, I don’t care what some agents in the industry say, being available 24/7 is not a benefit, it’s a detriment, for your clients.

Work during holidays / Relaxing during holidays – which is a better indicator of success?

Whether working during the holidays or relaxing during the holidays, which one is a better indicator of success?


Relaxing is not an indication of lack of work.  Working is not an indication of abundance of work.

Being busy during the holidays is a choice to work during this time, in which case I wonder – what are your priorities and do you have a business equipped to run without you involved in it on a minute-by-minute or day-by-day basis.

Relaxing during the holidays is a choice to not work during this time, in which case I wonder – did you mentally decide it’s slow, that people aren’t moving right now so you might as well wait until after the holidays to work again?

If you are working, did you make a choice to work during this holiday season so that you can take time off at an already scheduled and planned later date?

If you are relaxing, did you make a choice and work your business accordingly to take this time off now?  Is your business still functioning and running with you there?  Are you still producing revenue while you are relaxing?

What matters are the choices you have made and if they are fulfilling your goals.  Make either one your focus (work or relax) and do not feel guilty for your choice.  Just make sure that it is a choice, not a default or defeat result of your business dictating to you.

Idaho boasts one of the lowest REALTOR to Citizen Ratios in the country –

Yes I said lowest.  Which means that for every 238 people, one is a licensed REALTOR(R).

That is simply amazing to me.

What amazes me is the number of people who 1) have their license, 2) are still getting their license and 3) pay annual fees just to retain their license 4) don’t do a single transaction in a year and still call themselves an agent 5) are disillusioning themselves into thinking they are in business for themselves 6) do this for a hobby . . .

I could go on and on.

State By State Ranking

Resource: NAR Research, Facebook (image is linked to the resource)

What does this mean for you, someone who believes this is a business and not a hobby?  It means you’ll have to be in the presence of more people, more often.  It means you’ll have to be aware of the value you bring, as an experienced agent vs. the non-value someone “just licensed” brings.  you’ll have to know your value and be able to passionately and accurately portray it to your customers and clients.

Are you “in real estate” as a business or as a hobby?  If you typically close less than 5-6 transactions a year, that’s a hobby.  Don’t kid yourself.

Want to change?  Want a business and not a hobby? Let’s make it happen. Call me today.  Christina @ 208.769.9464

Stop Wasting Your Time With Print Advertising . . .

Just got the latest issue of Homes & Land . . . it’s all of 35 pages thick.

In other words, it’s skimpy.

Outdated information throughout – homes that are pending, expired, closed, different prices, etc.

The issue is dominated by “old school”.

You know…  those agents that have always done it a certain way, still think that being “online” means a website that is a glorified “about me” brochure and don’t have the faintest idea what social media is (they are the force behind “it’s a fad”).

Over 90% of buyers use the internet to find their new home (and most of those never even look at a homes magazine).  Why on earth would you (as an agent) use an outdated resource?

That’s what I thought.  An agent focused on providing the best and most current resources for their clients and customers doesn’t use print magazines.   That’s “pull” marketing.

If you want to be in the real estate business in 5 years, you are using “push” marketing (and heavily).

My prediction: 80% of the agents in this issue of Homes and Land will not be in the business in 5 years.

I’m keeping this copy, setting my calendar and am going to return to this post once a year to update my prediction vs. reality.