Stop promising crap – start delivering value

Have you ever heard of the term “under promise and over deliver”?


Yeah, it’s that simple.

I see SO many agents & brokers “starting” real estate blogs – and they all start the same: putting up a post explaining what the blog is, what it’s going to have, questions they’ll answer, how often they’ll be doing the blog, etc.

They put forth an expectation of what they will be delivering (with no proof of delivery).

Give them a month.

Heck, give them a week.

They’ll fail the expectation they’ve tried to set for the consumer.

Not only that, no consumer gives a rats butt about what the person “says” they are going to do – the consumer cares only about what you’ve already done.

Stop promising crap – start delivering value.

3 thoughts on “Stop promising crap – start delivering value

  1. Honestly I feel into this trap when I first started. As such as I wanted to blog once a day, I found that I had a 10 day tolerance. I could churn out good content after working on a post for a few days. So in theory I was clogging everyday, but not publishing everyday. I then went on a weekly schedule and that worked better for me.

    Value takes time and blogging isn’t always about quantity. I think that’s a hard concept to understand and only with time, practice and experience will agents make changes.

    1. Thanks for commenting Angie – it’s not even about blogging daily, or weekly, or whatever. It’s people who have no history of blogging, that put up a post (or video), explaining what they are doing (DUH, don’t they think people KNOW what a blog is and is supposed to have??), how often they are going to do it, why they are doing it, etc. Give a load of ‘crap’ out that they are here for the consumer, that they are here to answer questions, etc. all the while NOT DOING ANYTHING THEY ARE PROMISING.

      The consumer is looking for content. Answers. Direction. Guidance. Not “hey, I’m gonna have all this stuff for you”. Do people honestly think that by promising an ‘unknown’ that people will hang around waiting to receive that ‘unknown’? In a society in which you have 5 seconds to make an impression?

      Yeah – no. 😀

      1. Oh, and I wrote this today because I ran into yet another local doing this exact same thing. I think it’s the whole “blogging” buzz word. Agents know they need to do it – they just don’t do any research on how, what, when, where, why.

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