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Going to conferences & classes out of area "for referrals" . . . do you have a plan?

I know you’ve heard this recommendation before – go to classes and trainings outside of your immediate area so you can build a good referral flow of business.

But – make it worth your money.

Here’s how. . .

Do you know the top 5-10 migrating counties into your own county?  If you are picking places to go “on a hunch” or because you think it’s a great place, think again.  Have a well thought out plan.

Choose places to go that will benefit your business.

In 2010, a couple of the top 10 counties migrating into our area were Ada County and Maricopa County.   Take classes in those areas, network with your class mates and build good referral relationships.

Added bonus – connect with agents in those areas ahead of time.  Check them out.  Connect with them on facebook and twitter.  Schedule time to meet with them while you are in their area – a coffee, lunch, dessert – whatever.  Get to know the agent, their way of doing business, etc.

Make connections, make focused connections, build relationships, help your clients.