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Work during holidays / Relaxing during holidays – which is a better indicator of success?

Whether working during the holidays or relaxing during the holidays, which one is a better indicator of success?


Relaxing is not an indication of lack of work.  Working is not an indication of abundance of work.

Being busy during the holidays is a choice to work during this time, in which case I wonder – what are your priorities and do you have a business equipped to run without you involved in it on a minute-by-minute or day-by-day basis.

Relaxing during the holidays is a choice to not work during this time, in which case I wonder – did you mentally decide it’s slow, that people aren’t moving right now so you might as well wait until after the holidays to work again?

If you are working, did you make a choice to work during this holiday season so that you can take time off at an already scheduled and planned later date?

If you are relaxing, did you make a choice and work your business accordingly to take this time off now?  Is your business still functioning and running with you there?  Are you still producing revenue while you are relaxing?

What matters are the choices you have made and if they are fulfilling your goals.  Make either one your focus (work or relax) and do not feel guilty for your choice.  Just make sure that it is a choice, not a default or defeat result of your business dictating to you.

The 'Busy-ness' Syndrome – don't let it fool you . . .

The ‘busy-ness’ syndrome is rampant.  It’s especially rampant at conferences, conventions and multiple day long training classes.

What is it?  Imagine this:  You are at a conference and every time there is a break, you see people constantly on their phones, checking emails, etc. (aka doing business).  This is so rampant that they aren’t utilizing the time to learn more or network at said conference.

What does it mean?  Most think it means that they have a great business, busy business, they are running.


It means they aren’t very successful.  It means they haven’t learned how to delegate, to leverage.  It means their business is so dependent upon them that it’s not a business.

Check it out – next time you are at a conference, watch the people that you know have truly successful businesses – what are they doing?  They are the ones teaching, sitting on panels, networking, engaging with others, sharing their knowledge to this who will listen and do.  They are not the ones huddle in their seats or in corners making themselves ‘look’ busy in an attempt to look successful.

As a newcomer to real estate, do not emulate those that you see trying to look successful.  Emulate the successful.