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The 'Busy-ness' Syndrome – don't let it fool you . . .

The ‘busy-ness’ syndrome is rampant.  It’s especially rampant at conferences, conventions and multiple day long training classes.

What is it?  Imagine this:  You are at a conference and every time there is a break, you see people constantly on their phones, checking emails, etc. (aka doing business).  This is so rampant that they aren’t utilizing the time to learn more or network at said conference.

What does it mean?  Most think it means that they have a great business, busy business, they are running.


It means they aren’t very successful.  It means they haven’t learned how to delegate, to leverage.  It means their business is so dependent upon them that it’s not a business.

Check it out – next time you are at a conference, watch the people that you know have truly successful businesses – what are they doing?  They are the ones teaching, sitting on panels, networking, engaging with others, sharing their knowledge to this who will listen and do.  They are not the ones huddle in their seats or in corners making themselves ‘look’ busy in an attempt to look successful.

As a newcomer to real estate, do not emulate those that you see trying to look successful.  Emulate the successful.