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What tech tools do you "REALLY" need for your business?

Getting overwhelmed by all of the blabber about the tools you need? Not sure if you should have the iphone, droid, ipad, mac or pc, flip, kodak, etal?

We Realtors are known for dropping buckets of money on all of the latest gadgets and accessories because we hear from “experts” left and right what we should have and should be using.  We fear being left behind.  We fear being out of the loop.  We fear that if we don’t buy or use that gadget, we’ll be out of business before we know it.

Well, in some cases, our fear is good and healthy.  However, in most cases, we just need to plug our ears, shut our eyes and sing really loud.

Ok, you might get some weird looks with that one so do it figuratively.

Recently, a Realtor friend asked me if he should keep the ipad his wife bought him.  Would he really use it for his business?

For him, the answer was . . . No he shouldn’t keep it and no he won’t use it.

Let’s assess this:

  1. He’s a listing agent, not a buyer’s agent.  He won’t be driving around showing buyers property (and therefore has no need to access the MLS from the ipad).
  2. He lives in Idaho where the Trulia and Zillow apps do not work (we are a non-disclosure state so solds are confidential and this frustrates Trulia and Zillow and royally screws up their data).
  3. His seller base is banks – he’s an REO specialist.  In other words, he doesn’t meet with his sellers in person, it’s all long distance.
  4. He also doesn’t do any open houses.
  5. He also doesn’t travel for business (no need for the long battery time and 3G).
  6. He already had a laptop, netbook (which he rarely used) and a droid.  Did he really need or should he need the ipad?

While the ipad is a really cool device to have and play with – it’s just not a tech tool that you need to ‘stay ahead’ of the curve, to be ‘tech savvy’, to be in business in a year.

My overwhelming point with this is: assess your business, assess your actions.  Pick the tool that is the most logical for the way YOU do business.