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Myself + One Month + No Content. A Challenge. Have You Experienced Content Overload?

I’m having content overload.

What is content overload? Too much ‘information’ coming at me from various sources: blogs, magazines, videos, books, classes, etc.  It’s a case of “you need to do this”, “why haven’t you implemented this”, “the top this or that things that are essential to your business”, etc.

So much so that it is kind of paralyzing me.  I didn’t know it was doing that to me, but now I do (thanks to my business coach) and therefore, I’m taking action to change that.

I have committed to a content ‘fast’.  I’m going cold turkey.  I’m not going to allow a single bit of content to pass by my eyes or ears in the month of January.

One month.  No content.  Nothing.  No books, no magazines, no videos, no DVD’s, no TV, no newspapers, no blog reading, no articles, no talk radio, no classes, no conferences, no webinars, nothing.  Nothing business related, motivational related, personal, etc.  N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

I am making a single exception: I will be reading my bible during this time (I will not give that up).

So, from January 2nd to January 31st, anything that might be important, that might be good for me to know, is going to remain unknown.

How will I ever survive?